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Impressing clients by giving them a true visual representation of what they will get is achieved through the inspirational media of real time movie. Nothing is more persuasive than an animated computer generated movie of the clients scheme. Below are a number of movies created by us for many different clients. Some have music added to them, some have a commentry

This animation Glasgow's West End and the area around Hillhead Subway Station was one of 15 movies created of the Glasgow Subway System. This project was planned, developed and built by GIGLI DESIGN for a marketing, advertising and information business.


They wanted animated movies to be placed on their web site which we also developed and built for them. Each of the 15 movies had to show a view which cannot be seen in reality, they needed the movies to fly over, under and through the tunnels and areas where the stations where situated, and illustrate the businesses in that area that had paid them to be viewed on the animations.


The animated moves have great detail and colour within them. They also have music added to each of them, we commisioned one of Glasgow's most respected DJ's Dominik from Glasgow's renowed club THE SUB CLUB to create individualistic sounds and music that would capture the flavour of each of the 15 areas.

Our client for this project for a  Private Housing Development in the Borders of Scotland had an architect complete the technical drawings for him (something we could have undertaken). He was told about us by one of our  previous clients, he inturn asked us to build a 3D model from the plans to give him a better understanding and idea of how the project would 'actually look' within its environment.


With his permission we went one stage further and created this animated movie of the site, the movie takes him on a fly through one early Scottish evening. He showed the movie to his partners who agreed to fund  the project and it went ahead.


This is an actual to scale CAD drawing, all elements shown are the real materials being used. The power of these movies cannot be overstated enough, with the power and effect of visualiing and seeing where ones money is going to be  spent before the build allows for last minute changes and descisions about the project.

The Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine on the West Coast of Scotland were undergoing a major redevelopment of their site. A new roof was to be built, we took the opportunity to create this 3D view of the museum with all of its contents and artifacts removed.


This is a detailed full scale visualistaion of the site with columns, pillars and actual materials.

Burger 7 Restaurant, design as part of te overall presentation we crated a fly-through of the space for the client.

Other animations

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